Comments @ Fridge Gallery, WelTec July 2011

July 19

Very interesting!

Zac Ford, WelTec student


July 20

Very interesting so far. I’d like to see the final interactive work when the body sensors are added. Ccool 🙂

(Nigel Cockayne, Creative Technology, WelTec student)

I’d love to see more. Very interesting Cl D  (Omphalus K, WelTec student)

July 26

Very interesting.  (Susan, WelTec)

Very attractive stuff!  (Mahmood Alnuman, WelTec student)

Very interesting!!  (Arya Putra, WelTec student)

Making virtual world feels real!  (Akshat Gupta, WelTec student)

Fun & Interesting 🙂  (Josine Briones, WelTec student)

Interesting stuff 🙂  (Aditya Naruva, WelTec student)

July 27

Amazing 😀  (Leith Rasmussen, WelTec)

Interesting & lots of fun!  (Pauline)

Loved it, I didn’t know you could do so much between tech + the body.  (Ceri Lewthwaite, WelTec, staff)

All new to me. Felt out of control. Dizzy! Didn’t really know whatthe context was?  Interesting, thanks… rather odd feeling not knowing if there was meant to be an ‘outcome’ (Vicki Steele, WelTec staff)



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