About the Workshops


The absurd state of substitution and instrumentalization of our human bodies by avatars in social networks such as Second Life@, confronts us with the limitation of punching keys to control their moves and communication, as well as their gender and dance behavior stereotypification.

The workshops foster new modes of mixed reality interaction with virtual bodies (avatars and video mediation) based on somatic practices, such as, Body-Mind Centering, Tai Chi and Contact Improvisation, which open up our kinesthetic sensing and thinking through witnessing within oneself and with others, gravity, space and time. Creative experimentation of movement interaction is based on the critical analysis of different types of game interfaces, including the Wiimote, and the Kinect. We will critically analyze these interfaces through an aesthetic-artistic experimentation with a view for alternative possibilities.

Workshop Dates/Places:

Workshop 1:  July 16,  3-6pm, Fridge Gallery

Workshop 2: July 23, 1-4pm, Fridge Gallery

Conductors: Isabel Valverde, Todd Cochrane

Fridge Gallery, WelTec, Wellington Institute of Technology

C Bloc, 23-27 Kensington Av., Petone, Wellington

Inquiries: Todd Cochrane todd.cochrane@weltec.co.nz   tel.: 920 2690

Workshop 3: July 30, 1-4pm;  4-5 Discussion

Conductors: Isabel Valverde, Todd Cochrane, Becca Wood, Pei-Jung Lee.

Dance Studio, The Kenneth Myers Center

74 Shortland St, Auckland Central

Inquiries: Pei-Jung Lee  pei.lee@auckland.ac.nz  tel: +64 9 923 1979


Workshops are Free and Open to Everyone

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