Lugares Sentidos / Senses Places @ OSim Community Conference 2016 & Laboratório Mocap UFBA

Senses Places testing

NoSense dancing 8                      © Kikas Babenko

Sharing the Flickr Album by Kikas Babenko of the performance 😀              

Lugares Sentidos / Senses Places @ OpenSim Community Conference 2016
Ambiente de performance participativa em realidade mista
Dez/Dec 9 > 16

Performance Abertura/Opening
SEXTA/FRIDAY 9.12.2016
16.00-17.00h (GMT-3/Salvador, BR)
11AM-12PM (SLT/GMT-8)

Ambiente aberto para visita e interacção
14h30 as 17h (GMT-3/Salvador, BR)
9.30AM to 12PM (SLT/GMT-8)

Performance Fecho/Closing
SEXTA/FRIDAY 16.12.2016
19.00-20.00h (GMT-3/Salvador, BR)

OpenSim Community Conference 2016:
Lugar físico público: Laboratório Mocap PPGD/Escola de Dança/UFBA, Campus Ondina, Salvador, BA, Brasil
Lugar virtual: Odyssey Contemporary Art and Performance Simulator (Second Life)

Canais de transmissão vídeo / Livestream channels:

Senses Places é um ambiente participativo em realidade mista desenvolvido desde 2011 por uma colaboração internacional transdisciplinar em dança somática e tecnológica. Quer testemunhar a emergência de interactividades corporealizadas num clima acessível e inclusivo. Trata-se de uma experimentação artística em rede através da partilha física, biométrica, telemática e virtual. A experiência interativa propõe um ambiente criativo crítico sensível através de interfaces que conectam participantes de todo o mundo em corporealidades partilhadas.

A ênfase das conexões com nossas diversas simulações e ambientes é somática, voltada para uma empatia cinestésica media(tiza)da, alicerce da criação/investigação de uma experiência humana mais profunda e diversificada. Lugares Sentidos acontece entre lugares físicos remotos públicos/privados e o lugar virtual partilhado na Odyssey Contemporary Art and Performance Simulator (Second Life).


© Butler2 Evelyn

Apresentação/Conference Talk @ OpenSimulator Community Conference 2016           por/by Isabel Valverde aka Butler2 Evelyn
21-21.30h (GMT-3/Salvador, BR)
4-4.30PM (SLT/GMT-8)

Lugar virtual @ Avacon OSim Hypergrid:
Live Stream:
                                              Registo Machinima:

Senses Places is an ongoing collaborative transdisciplinary project creating mixed reality participatory performance environments that engage participants in a physical and mediat(iz)ed kinesthetic/somatic movement relational experience.

Isabel will discuss Senses Places artistic vision towards mixed reality embodied interfacing encompassing instead of simply substituting the physical body and environment. The focus will be given to the latest process experimenting with simultaneous modes of embodied movement interaction by engaging physically and virtually through different bodily senses, particularly kinesthesis.

What will be of our virtual presence and activity without our physical embodied engagement with the machines? The transdisciplinary dance/performance art-tech approach develops improvisational situations on somatic based practices, including CI, Butoh, Yoga, Tai Chi that contribute to and expand our awareness and communication channels. We believe that this kind of approach promotes healthy and evolving interactivity with and through intelligent machines.

About the OpenSimulator Community Conference 2016: The OpenSimulator Community Conference is an annual conference that focuses on the community around the OpenSimulator software. The conference features two days of presentations, workshops, keynote sessions, and social events across diverse sectors of the OpenSimulator user base.
For more information see

Isabel Valverde/Butler2 Evelyn (artistic director, choreographer, performer, PT)
Todd Cochrane/Toddles Aeon (technical director, developer, SL expert, NZ)
Ana Moura/Anisabel (choreographer, performer, PT)
Barbara Teixeira/Kikas Babenko (SL performance artist, PT)
Liz Solo (SL multidisciplinary artist and curator Odyssey)
SaveMe Oh (SL visual theater artist, NL)
Isa Seppi/Janjii Rugani (choreographer, performer, BR)
Clara Gomes/Lux Nix (video artist, performer, PT)
Yukihiko Yoshida/Island Habana (coordinator of Japan node, dance educator, critic, JP)
Kae Ishimoto (choreographer, performer, JP)
Jun Makime (choreographer, performer, JP)
Yumi Sagara (choreographer, performer, JP)
Keiji Mitsubuchi (developer, SL expert, JP)
Paulo Fernandes/Genious Bickin (SL designer, performer, PT)
Catarina Carneiro de Sousa/CapCat Ragu (Meta_body avatar design, PT)
Sameiro Oliveira Martins/Meilo Minotaur (Meta_body avatar design, PT)
Artica (biometric interface, PT)
Nick Rothwell (sound interface system, composer, UK)
Mick Mengucci (image-sound interface, developer artist, PT/IT)
Joana Martins/Fonteyn (webcam interface design, performer, PT)
Fernando Cassola Marques (researcher Kinect interface, PT)
Membros do Laboratório Mocap UFBA (Brazil)
Microbiarte (Brazil)

Escola de Dança / Direcção: Profa. Dra. Dulce Tamara da Rocha Lamego da Silva / Vice-Direcção: Profa. Carmen Paternostro
PPGDança /Coordenação: Profa. Dra. Lenira Peral Rengel / Vice-coordenação: Profa. Dra. Ludmila Pimentel
Agradecimentos/Apoio: PPGDança/UFBA, Ailton Pancho, Neide, Odyssey Sim

!!! Estão todos convidados !!!
!!! All are invited !!!

Let’s allow our bodies to interact intuitively, attaining for close/intimate/inner/somatic/energetic/kinesthetic connections, bringing into play our senses and subjective trans-cultural backgrounds. Our common concept is the experimentation and reflection upon the very shared interfacing experience and what kind of dance we develop through this mixed reality approach. The experiment is anchored in the sense of embodying and how we adapt to different mediations of self, others and environments 😀


Senses Places @ Metatopia 1.0 / International Metabody Forum Madrid 2015

INTRA-ACTION – XXI Century Quixotes: politics of the multisensorial body in the era of expressive homogenisation.
1-25 July
METATOPIA 1.0 – Performances, concerts, installations
July 22-25
Physical location: Medialab-Prado, Plaza de las Letras. C/ Alameda, 15, Madrid, Spain
Virtual location/SLURL:
Livestream channel:

Senses Places is an ongoing collaborative project creating mixed reality participatory performance environments that engage participants in a physical and mediat(iz)ed kinesthetic/somatic movement relational experience.  We foster possibilities for multiple embodied and environmental interactive amplifications and permeations by designing/choreographing physical-virtual interfaces with/through avatars, video images, bio-signals and aspects of environments, based on live videostreams, webcam, and biometric devices, towards new inclusive modes of embodied sharing, exchanging and creative community.
Taking place in a shared virtual place* at Second Life’s MUVE, and at remote physical places, private or public, depending on the international collaborators in Japan, Newfound Land, Portugal, The Netherlands, Brazil, and New Zealand, the project builds site specific hybrids, evolving through each mixed reality instantiation, in a collaborative process of physicalizing the virtual and virtualizing the physical, where participants generate unknown posthuman corporealities.
Senses Places was an invited project at Metatopia 1.0 exhibition, integrating the ensemble of in progress Metabody projects at MediaLab Prado. In this site specific environment, Senses Places was installed inside a deformed tent constituting its smallest and most intimate physical instantiation.

Artistic direction: Isabel Valverde, GAIPS/INESC-ID, Intelligent Agents and Synthetic Characters Group, and UAb/CIAC (PT)
Technical direction: Todd Cochrane NMIT, Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology (NZ)
Collaborators involved: Ana Moura (PT), Liz Solo (NFL), Bárbara Teixeira (PT), Joana Barreto (PT), Paulo Fernandes (PT), Artica (PT)
Support: *Odyssey Contemporary Art and Performance Simulator, Metabody


100_0684 100_0685 100_0686 100_0687 100_0688sp@metatopia10_anasp@metatopia9sp@metatopiasp@metatopia_robert7sp@metatopia_robert6sp@metatopia_robert5sp@metatopia_robert4sp@metatopia_robert3sp@metatopia_robert2sp@metatopia_robert100_0688

Photos: icv

Senses Places @ Casa de las Artes, Alanís (Spain) & Odyssey Simulator (SL)

In Collaboration with Premiere of Parad is0, no hay billetes (LaboratorioSLD)
JUNE 7 > 4PM (SLT/GMT-8) / JUNE 8 > 1AM (Spain/GMT+1)

Virtual world location: Odyssey Contemporary Art and Performance Simulator (Second Life)
Physical public location: Casa de las Artes de Alanís de la Sierra, Paseo de la Alameda del Parral, 41380 Alanís, Sevilla, Spain!espacios/cwzt

© Kikas Babenko / Senses Places @ Bang Festival 2014

© Kikas Babenko / Senses Places @ Bang Festival 2014

Artists/Avatars collaborators for this performance
Isabel Valverde aka Butler2 Evelyn (Artistic direction, choreographer, performer)
Todd Cochrane aka Toddles Aeon (Technical direction, developer, performer)
Liz Solo aka Lizsolo Mathilde (SL artist, curator of Odyssey Contemporary Art and Performance Simulator)
Barbara Teixeira aka Kikas Babenko (SL artist, animator, performer)
Joana Martins aka fonteyn (software designer, performer)
Kae Ishimoto aka Kaejun (choreographer, performer, JP)
Ana Moura aka Anisabel (choreographer, performer, PT)
aka Saveme Oh (SL visual theater artist, vr animator, performer, NL)
Isa Seppi aka Janjii Rugani (choreographer, performer, BR)
Paulo Fernandes aka Genious Bickin (SL designer, performer, PT)
Clara Gomes aka Lux Nix (video artist, performer, PT)
Nick Rothwell (sound interface system, composer, UK)

Senses Places is a mixed reality collective performance and participatory environment that follows an ongoing process towards a kinesthetic/somatics embodied mediat(iz)ed communication. We engage in converging our physical, avatar and video embodiments through live videostreams, webcam, and biometric interfaces at the Second Life’s MUVE. This performance will integrate one of 15 episodes of a larger 3 day performance premiere, Parad is0, no hay billetes, from Salud Lopéz (LaboratoriosSLD), in residency at Casa de las Artes de Alanís de la Sierra, Spain.
For this performance we will engage with the excretory body system (lungs and skin), on a somatic mediated experience and extrapolating meaning, such as embodied multiplications, continuing to mingle our different hybrid embodiments towards an emerging integrated reality.

– What subjective and shared inter-subjective kinesthetic/somatic embodiments can we generate towards an integrated reality through an intertwining of physical, avatar, and image, and environment interfacing?
– How is this state of expanded awareness in action a form of meditative mediation, opening and noticing multiple communicative channels?

Let’s allow our bodies to interact intuitively, attaining for close/intimate/inner/somatic/energetic/kinesthetic connections, bringing into play our senses and subjective trans-cultural backgrounds. Our common concept is the experimentation and reflection upon the very shared interfacing experience and what kind of dance we develop through this mixed reality approach. The experiment is anchored in the sense of embodying and how we adapt to different mediations of self, others and environments.

This score proposes performative situations based on improvisational and integrative Eastern-Western dance approaches. During the performance the participants/performers choose at least 2 situations to engage with and relate with others, change them at will, and are invited to play their own animations or HUDs towards emerging connections from the eclectic/hybrid embodiments.
Although there is no fixed sequence, we propose to start in a circle, getting further closer to each other, including touch or a senses of one body, and explode in all directions. Moves and auras related to the energy/excretion.

Once we are working with the excretory system, we would like to propose that we try this time to start working with
Breathing – specially breathing out/exhaling and add sounds coming out of the movement related to the somatic sensing of release . what about initiating with AOM?
Skin – between inner body and external environment. such as sweat, energy/aura, touch self-others
Kidneys – relation with fluids system.

Score Situations / HUDs associated
A. Rooting / Grounding – floor poses & moves connecting bodies-environments
B. Standing Poses / Empowering – in between earth-sky – Buddha, Yoga & Power poses
C. Flying /Orbiting – levitate, like birds flocking and micro-macro quantum-astral elements
D. In Between/transitioning- mixing floor, standing, and flying animations.

Technical requirement before starting:
Each or all of the interfaces needs to be activated:
1. Webcam interface: Get the HUD(s) and instructions to activate in Giver at Senses Places @ Odyssey
2. VideoStream interface: 3/4 live performers with LiveStream Procaster
2.1. Isabel/Butler2, Mixed reality Casa de las Artes and SL:
2.2. Isa/Janjii, Brazil:
2.3. Liz Solo, NewFoundLand:
2.4. SL live recording:
3. Biometric interface: Isabel/Butler2 with Processing and PD (heart rate-sound) streaming at

A. Rooting / Grounding
Avatars: wear HUD Floor and Aura attachments: Phantom, generator k1 or other.
Action: engage in seating, lying and moving on the floor relating to webcam-avatar and videostream-images interfaces. Staying and changing poses and movement on the floor, connecting to our inner bodies and the ground, and in relation to others and environment, taking into account occasional touch or intertwining amongst performers and/or avatars.

B. Standing Poses / Empowering
Avatars: wear HUD Poses + Gestures or choose pose to play and wear HUD Gestures. Aura attachments: cheery coke, L + R soft particles or other.
Action: embodiment of standing poses, choosing the place in space and in spatial relationship with others, changing location/pose at least once. Changing physical pose/movement within pose affects/changes avatar poses and vices versa.

C. Flying / Orbiting
Avatars: wear HUD Flying. Aura attachments: DanceSphere, Raibow Trails or other.
Action: floating and moving in aerial space and in closer group connection, including the aerial poses, flocking trajectories, and jumps.

D. In Between / Transitioning
Avatars: wear HUD In Between. Aura attachments: blue shine hands, dovefloat or other.
Action: moving between the floor, standing, and flying. animation. Yielding to and opposing gravity expanding through space. Experimenting to follow someone. Changing energy flow connecting to all body parts, others, and environment. Trying to witness/encompass all. Including Tai Chi, Contact Improvisation, and flying moves and poses.


Senses Places @ 121212 Testing: UpStage Festival of Cyberformance










These are photos from the video of Senses Places’ second performance and participatory environment at the UpStage festival on 12.12.2012, 5 to 6 pm (GMT/PT) and 13.12.2012, 3 am (GMT+9/JP).
Performers: Kae Ishimoto (JP), Isabel Valverde, Ana Moura, robot NAO (PT), and avatars in Second Life.
Stream machinima by Sca Shilova for UpStage Festival Livestream channel

HERE the link for the video

Note: the performance starts at minute 31. the participatory dance environment starts at around minute 51.

and for the UpStage Festival  site

Enjoy and please comment or give feedback. We will very much appreciate even the most arch critique 😀

Senses Places Workshop @ SLACTIONS 2012

Screenshot from the Workshop in Lisbon taken from Second Life

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Here the link for the Livestream video recording of the Workshop at Universidade Aberta, Lisbon, Portugal

Global Underscore 2012 @ Livestream

Livestream recording of Global Underscore at Second Life site, gathering 2 avatars and 4 screens from GU sites around the world

Livestream recording of Global Underscore at Second Life site, gathering 2 avatars and 4 screens from GU sites around the world

Screen shot 2013-02-25 at 4.44.37 PM Screen shot 2013-02-25 at 4.44.18 PM Screen shot 2013-02-25 at 4.44.00 PM Screen shot 2013-02-25 at 4.43.50 PM Screen shot 2013-02-25 at 4.43.40 PM Screen shot 2013-02-25 at 4.43.32 PM Screen shot 2013-02-25 at 4.41.48 PM Screen shot 2013-02-25 at 4.40.09 PMScreen shot 2013-02-25 at 4.39.56 PM  Screen shot 2013-02-25 at 4.39.44 PM Screen shot 2013-02-25 at 4.39.24 PM

Link to the Livestream the 3 videos during the 4 hours activity

Watch live streaming video from beverde at

We were enthusiastic from the challenging experience, particularly for the slow net connection at the Chichester site. Still we were able to gather in the GU Second Life site 3 other sites from Brasil, Berlin, and … will confirm this later.

Anyway, the good news is that next year 2013 we are continuing the Global Underscore in SL and it will happen in Lisbon, where Nancy Stark Smith and Mike Vargas at the occasion will  give a workshop on the Underscore Practice 😀

More info and Links soon.

Global Underscore Satellite @ Second Life / Senses Places

About the Global Underscore Satellite @ Second Life


The Global Underscore virtual Satellite @ Second Life, MUVE, enables participants and audience members from remote places, including Global Underscore sites, to gather and expand the possibilities for embodied connections. Towards a greater consciousness through listening, sharing, and improvising through the practice, the Satellite @ Second life expands our encounters and interactions through virtualization in images and as avatars. Senses Places project will host this virtual Global Underscore Satellite at its virtual site at Koru Island, and the Senses Places’ team will organize the activity and participate on June 23, 2:30 – 6:30 pm (GMT/WET) 6:30 – 10:30 am (SLT/PST).

The Second Life 3d platform is owned by Linden Labs company (2003) and its population/inhabitants, the avatars, have multiple interests, ranging from business and shopping, dating, explorations, education and artistic practice, to name but a few. At this multi-user 3d application participants animate an avatar and interact with others and the environment in multiple ways. The modalities of human-avatar interaction include chat, appearance, gesture, voice, and movement of the body, in space, and in relation to other avatars and objects.

Within SL, it is possible to simultaneously display a number of browser windows, like multiple video broadcasts. In this way we will gather the different Global Underscore streams in a shared virtual site. If this includes your site, you would be able to see and interact with/through the image of yourself in that environment, with the people in your site, and with virtual figures and images of people at other sites. The SL Satellite will also have a GU channel and will stream also in SL during the practice:

The idea is to truly expand (rather than substitute) our bodies taking advantage of the possibilities of dance somatics and digitally enabled embodied mediation and virtualization.  Adapting interfaces to our bodies, instead of the other way around, will contribute to expanding our sensory-perceptive capacities to connect in multiple combined ways with the many Global Underscore sites, satellites, for the first time including avatar participants and audience members.

The Underscore’s approach is rooted on group and contact improvisation, integrating related somatic practices, such as, Tai Chi, release and alignment, BMC, and Alexander, among others. These practices enable us to be grounded and follow our bodies’ sensory perceptions while also expanding through our images and avatars to connect with others via remotely connected improvisation. SL opens amazing interactive possibilities for creative communities of practice such as CI. Trough an encompassing connection, including an emphasis on somatic and technological mediations multiple physical-virtual vessels of communication will open among the participants and the shared environments, contributing to generating a novel integrated globality.  

In order to visit and participate in the Global Underscore Satellite @ Second Life you or someone at your Underscore site needs to take some time to familiarize yourself with the Second Life interface. Here are our recommended steps:

  1. Have a computer with reasonable graphics and high-speed internet connection.
  2. Create an account and choose an avatar (free) @
  3. Download and install Second Life (free) @
  4. Open the Second Life application and Go to the SL Underscore Satellite site at Senses Places:


You can also go to any other location of your choice, or simply login without choosing a place. You will be teleported to a welcome site where avatar hosts wait to help you 😀

5.  Get accustomed to the interface: the avatar and the 3d environment. It is not difficult, but it will require some practice depending on your computer interface and videogame skills and literacy. This will enable you to observe, interact, and improvise with other avatars and video stream images of other GU sites projected on to screens/browser windows.

a) learn to use the arrow keys to move the avatar in space
b) learn to use the chat window, voice, and animations to communicate
c) learn about the menus and Inventory
d) learn how to edit the avatar appearance
e) learn to operate the camera view point
f)  learn to interact with objects in the environment
g) learn how to teleport

6.  At the GU site at Senses Places/Koru Island we will share  animations for your avatar to improvise with. You can play animating your avatar with them, including changing, accumulating, looping, and moving in space. The ideal is that you can make your avatar to dance without preventing you from dancing.
7.  If you are at a GU site streaming a channel, you will be able to see your channel in SL along with the other streams. Simply copy and paste your site’s channel URL link onto one of the screens available at the site as server windows.
8.   Watch, experiment, improvise!

Global Underscore Links:

Senses Places with CILxJam @ InterACT! Closing

Screen shot from event video excerpt

Link to video excerpt:

January 15, 2012
5-8pm (GMT)

Mixed Reality Participatory Performance Environment at the closing of 3 months of virtual permanence @ InterACT! Virtual Interactive Artshow Second Life LEA4

Physical-Virtual Performance by CILxJAM – Contacto Improvisação Lisboa Jam
@ Auditório BMOR, Biblioteca Municipal Orlando Ribeiro, Telheiras,
Lisboa, Portugal

@ INTERACT! LEA4’s Festival de Arte Interactiva Virtual
Second Life > 15 Outubro a 15 Janeiro.
Curated by Lori Landay (Berklee University; USA)

Screen shot from event video excerpt

Direcção Artística: Isabel Valverde (Lisboa, PT)
Ambiente Interactivo: Todd Cochrane (Wellington, NZ) + Isabel Valverde + Keiji Mitsubuchi (Tóquio, JP)
Performance: CILxJAM (PT) and maybe Jun Makime e Yumi Sagara (JP) and others throughout the world appearing as video images and avatars
Música: maybe APROXIMATE (PT)
Equipa Técnica: Técnico do auditório, Isabel Valverde, Inês D’Almey (Lisboa, PT)
Coordenação: Isabel Valverde, Ana Rocha (PT)

Nesta última performance participativa de realidade mista no contexto do InterACT! com a CILxJam, vamos ter uma última oportunidade experimentarmos e improvisarmos as interfaces de forma corporealizada a través do movimento dos entres os corpos físicos, imagens e avatares numa interacção de grupo. Começaremos por receber os participantes guiando-os na corporealização das interfaces: Livestream, Webcam and Nitendo’s Wii mote. Introduzindo os participantes com a relação com o seu corpos físicos e imagens através do Livestream e com avatars através da Webcam e da Wii mote, de modo a que possam po-las a funcionar na hora.
Seguidamente prosseguiremos para a jam performance participative propriamente dita numa perspectiva de Underscore, improvisando a conexão consciente com as muliplas possibilidades perceptivas deixando-as guiar as acções.

In this last participatory performance we will have the last chance to learn how to interact through your movement with your and other avatars. We will start by welcoming the physical and virtual participants, leading them to embodied interaction with the 3 types o interfaces: Livestream, Webcam and Nitendo’s Wii mote. Introducing them to the relation with their image through the livestream broadcast, and with the avatar through the webcam and wii mote.
Next we will improvise focusing on the grounding of the interaction with ourselves and others in the physical and virtual space, as physical, image or/and avatar bodies, becoming aware of the multiple perceptions shifting and progressing leading our connected actions/choices. Movement and contact/connection (physical and virtual) will start slow for allowing the awareness of sensing the micro events and interactions, multiple channels of local and remote communication.

Sobre Senses Places
Senses Places/Lugares Sentidos é um ambiente participativo e de performance em realidade mista. Uma colaboração em dança-tecnologia gerando interfaces multimodais para o corpo inteiro canalizada para uma abordagem de dança somática transcultural. Senses Places stressa a consciência e integração perceptiva simultânea local-remota, em que os participantes e ambientes se encontram e envolvem cinestéticamente/sinestéticamente.

Que realidades corporealizadas e trocas culturais específicas emergem neste envolvimento multi-participativo? Ligados entre si e a avatars através das interfaces sugeridas: Livestream, webcam, Wii mote e, brevemente o Kinect, tudo depende da atitude dos participantes na experiência interactiva com os seus corpos físicos, mediações vídeo, animações dos avatars, e/ou alterações ambientais.

About Senses Places
Senses Places is a playful mixed reality performance environment for audience participation. An ongoing dance-technology collaboration generating whole body multimodal interfacings keen to a somatic cross-cultural approach; Senses Places stresses the awareness and integration of simultaneous perceptive, local-remote connections, where participants and environments meet and engage kinesthetic/synesthetically.

What emerging embodied realities and cultural specific exchanges will surface by the multi-participant varied involvement? Linked to avatars through the suggested interfaces: Livestream, webcam, Wiimote©, and soon Kinect©, it all depends on the participants’ attitude throughout the interactive experience through their own and each others’ physical bodies, video mediations, avatar moves, and/or environmental changes.

Biblioteca Municipal Orlando Ribeiro, PT
WelTec, Wellington Institute of Technology, NZ
IHSIS, Institute of Humane Studies and Intelligent Sciences, PT
IST/Taguspark, Oeiras, PT
DH, Digital Hollywood University, JP

Senses Places Blog:
Linden Endownment for the Arts Blog:


Doação/Donation: 3-5 Euros
(No one will be turned away for lack of funds)
Apoio: Biblioteca Municipal Orlando Ribeiro

Pontos de Referência:
À saída do Metro Telheiras, “Colégio Alemão/Estrada de Telheiras”, seguir em frente pela Estrada de Telheiras até ao final. A biblioteca encontra-se do lado direito.
Do metro à biblioteca: cc de 5 minutos

Coming out at Metro Telheiras, exit “Colégio Alemão/Estrada de Telheiras,” follow straight ahead until the end of Estrada de Telheiras. The Library is on the right, at 5 minutes from the metro station.



Senses Places @ DHRA2011 Japan Node, Digital Hollywood (Kae Ishimoto)

yukihikoyoshida on Broadcast Live Free

Senses Places @ DHRA2011 Japan Node, Digital Hollywood, (Jun Makime)

Senses Places @ DHRA2011 Japan Node, Digital Hollywood (SL window with 2 streams)

Senses Places @ DHRA2011 Japan Node, Digital Hollywood (Jun Makime, Kae Ishimoto and ?)

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This Livestream reports on Senses Places Performance and Participatory Environment @ Digital Resources for the Humanities and the Arts 2001 (The Nottingham Trent University, Ninbgo, Chine) as seen and performed from the Japanese Node @ Digital Hollywood University.

Collaborators Japan Node:

Yukihiko Yoshida (Keio Univ.)

Keiji Mitsubuchi (Digital Hollywood, Tokyo)

Jun Makime (independent  choreographer, Butoh)

Yumi Sagara (independent  choreographer, Butoh)

Kae Ishimoto (independent  choreographer, Butoh)

and Student volunteers at Digital Hollywood

Link to Ustream > Workshop @ Digital Hollywood, Tokyo, Japan

Video frame from Ustream vwbc of Senses Places Workshop @ Digital Hollywood

20110823 Isabel Valverde 女史 ワークショップ

Video frame from Ustream vwbc of Senses Places Workshop @ Digital Hollywood