In Portugal:

Isabel Valverde aka Butler2 Evelyn, Artistic Director
(Associated Researcher, GAIPS/INESC-ID – Intelligent Agents and Synthetic Characters Group, UAb/CIAC – Center for Research in Arts and Communication)

Ana Moura aka Anisabel
(Mathematics Professor, Instituto Superior Técnico/Universidade Técnica de Lisboa)

Bárbara Teixeira aka Kikas Babenko
(independent virtual performance artist)

Video Documentation
Clara Gomes aka Lux Nix
(video artist, Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas, Universidade Nova de Lisboa)

Biometric Device (Prototype #1)

André Almeida
(creative computing engineer, ARTICA)

Guilherme Martins
(visual artist, creative coder and roboticist, ARTICA, Creative Computing)

Webcam Interface Design (Prototype #2)
Joana Barreto
(MA Student, Engenharia Aéreo-Espacial, Instituto Superior Técnico/Universidade Técnica de Lisboa)

Physical-Virtual Environments (Prototype #2)
Paulo Fernandes aka Genious Bickin
(independent virtual designer)

Sá Cabral
(visual artist and trans-disciplinary scientific researcher in Fine Arts, lecturer, IADE)

In Newfound Land:

Liz Solo aka Liz Solo Mathilde
(independent virtual performance artist, musician, curator, Odyssey Contemporary Art and Performance Simulator)

In the Netherlands:

aka SaveMe Oh
(independent virtual performance artist)

In UK:

Sensor Responsive Sound Software
Nick Rothwell
(independent software architect, designer and programmer)

In New Zealand:

Interface Design
Todd Cochrane, Technical director
(Ph.D candidate, NMIT – Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology)

Poster and Screens
Anthea Grob
(independent artist and designer/maker)!about

Biometric Device (Prototype #2)
Patrick Herd
(electrical engineer, Wellington Institute of Technology)

In Japan:

Yukihiko Yoshida aka Island Habana
(coordinator Japan Node)

Jun Makime aka Junkae
(independent artist)

Kae Ishimoto aka Kaejun
(independent choreographer and dancer)

Yumi Sagara
(independent choreographer and dancer)

Interface Design
Keiji Mitsubishi
(Professor, DHU – Digital Hollywood University, Tokyo)

Thanks for support from:
WelTec Facilities and Security Staff, WelTec/Creative Technology Staff, Dennis Moser (MILS), Inês D’Almey, Aroma Music, Cassiel, Cheryl Brown, VIMMI/Visualization and Intelligent Multi Modal Interfaces Group, INESC-ID/Bruno Araújo, Pedro Santos, Matt Renata, Linda Lim, Michelle Carroll, OctoPlan WelTec, Val Smith/Community of Touch, Odyssey Performance Art Gallery in Second Life©, Altlab, Maurício Martins, Yacov Sharir, and all the visitor participants

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